Walther's dad goes text!

A real treat for those of us who are Walther fans as Jacob Gadd has decided to write yet another book and this time it's dedicated to learning about Gadd's progression in his art world including the creation and evolution of Walther. Gadd presents various mediums from tusch to oil and here you get a feel for them; we get a better insight into the marvellous mind of Gadd who has a brilliant mind and always humour whether political, playful or joyful. I look forward to sharing more.

The book is called HOV, HVAD GIK DER GODT? Translated, WAIT, WHAT WENT RIGHT?

Hold tight and we'll give you some snippets. For now the book is only in Danish and in due course i'm sure there's one in some shape or form coming in English... one can only hope.

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