What is it that makes us love some art?

You may have asked yourself this question before... and there must have been a few times when you have heard it (if not being the one saying it about a spectacular piece), 'what's so special about this? My 2 year old son could have drawn that!' On the other hand, there are pieces where it's clear that it's taken so much skill to complete and it doesn't catch our soul once. One thing is for sure, ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS. Art is long Life is short. If we take care of it, art will last a life time and longer, throughout generations. Art gets passed down and because of that it becomes sentimental. I have been passed a few pieces which my grandfather owned and they are not pieces i would have invested in but because of where they come from, they mean the world to me. Art will always either be an invesment (for whichever personal reason) or a sentimental piece we can't let go of... and subjective discussions are inevitable. In any case, one actually has no control over what art captures your heart.

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