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 Salt Away In Art...Enjoying whilst investing 



The Company

Art acquisition. Introducing selective new and established art found worldwide. 

S.A.I Art is UK based and was established beginning of 2013 by Anne Katrine (AK) with the passion to go on a mission abroad finding art with a story, bursts of colour, space for growth and bringing it back to the UK. The portfolio has evolved from being AK's private collection to a more complete selection including British art, now available to art collectors and admirers who wish to find their unique piece and salt away in art. 


S.A.I Art sells limited and original works, privately and through various galleries in London and Surrey where certain subjects from the collection are on exhibition (galleries are listed under Contact, found in the menu). S.A.I Art also finds art for collectors and first time buyers by offering a bespoke service.

There are many ways of winning the piece of art that you want and that's what AK does best; from the research, leg work, connections and negotiations. AK comes from a family of artists and art collectors and with this is naturally experienced buying on auctions at the best prices whilst knowing how to keep the value of the art. AK works with several art experts in the field which comes in handy when ea


Art is pure, art is real and art always tells us something

The Service

S.A.I Art offers clients private viewings of the current collection or can tailor a search for specific pieces of art. Private viewings can either take place at the relevant galleries (see CONTACT page) or at locations more convenient for clients. (Please see CONTACT > TERMS OF SALE for details).

S.A.I Art will endeavour to exceed clients expectations. An exclusive tailored service can be provided for clients, please call on +44 (0)7946404700 for more information. S.A.I Art is also commited to introducing some new artists and can arrange further viewings should clients wish to see the artist's complete portfolio. 


The Mission

Finding in-vogue, timeless art with a story that you would not typically come by;  Introducing new and old, modern, abstract and/or figurative art. Art can be so much more if you let it; you translate what the artist has given you. That unique piece can represent who and where we (our ancestors) were, who we are today, who we want to be or how we want to perceive our world.


Art can last forever;  be passed through our own or sold through a family of generations.  S.A.I Art brings you art that can last a lifetime with promising artists who have and are developing exceptionally in their genre. 

It's expression in return for emotion

The Collection 

Carefully selected according to the founder's ethos; ars longa, vita brevis ~ art is long, life is short. S.A.I Art aims to acquire subjects of outstanding calibre, with short or long term investment potential.  The founder seeks to expand the range and texture of the collection and through its acquisitions expand on the narrative yet maintain a theme;  to experience a subject up close, feel the texture from a distance, follow the movement and embrace the story and/or burst of colour. The collection is not medium specific and comprises of original works in acrylic, oil, and/or mixed media on canvas including a handful of lithographs and silk screens from a series. Currently, the artists represent Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Germany and now also British art. 

S.A.I Art is commited to expand the geographical circle of art talent. 

   Collecting beautiful works is like owning a library; you surround yourself with stories,      history and biographies. 


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